What is
Sentinel™ IMS?

Sentinel IMS (Intrusion Monitoring System) monitors network traffic like no other system in the industry. Sentinel IMS passively monitors your network traffic for suspicious activity, alerting you immediately as the intrusion is occurring.

Unlike many IT security solutions, Sentinel IMS is NOT a "rip and replace" solution.

The purpose of Sentinel IMS is to mitigate risk by reducing the time a hacker has to operate and steal data. Sentinel IMS allows customers to be proactive instead of reactive when the damage has already been done.


Why do I need it?

Keeping your customers' information safe and secure should be your first priority. As digital technology and communication become more advanced, it is becoming more difficult to stay ahead of hackers. Sentinel IMS helps you stay ahead of hackers and fraudsters by monitoring your network traffic 24/7. You do not need to be present for Sentinel IMS to work.

How does it work?

Designed by some of the top hackers in the world, Sentinel IMS thinks like a hacker. It knows when a hacker is sneaking around your network and what information the hacker is searching for. Upon noticing suspicious activity, Sentinel IMS immediately sends an encrypted message to the Cyberdonix Central Operations Server (CCOS). Based upon customer profile settings, the CCOS will immediately notify the appropriate people via email, SMS or telephone call alerting them of the intrusion. This allows you to act quickly to mitigate any potential damage created by the hacker by quarantining the infected machine. Your network traffic is yours. Sentinel IMS does not re-route your network traffic nor does it save copies of your network traffic.

Sentinel has been acquired by MGT Capital Investments, Inc. Please contact MGT with any inquiries about this product.


Cyberdonix offers a full line of cyber security services

Penetration Testing
  • External or internal network penetration tests to assess operating system and services vulnerabilities
  • Client-side penetration testing to assess end-user susceptibility to phishing & other social engineering threats
  • Application penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Cross-vector testing to reveal attack paths across multiple infrastructure layers
Incident Response
  • Perform Forensics to determine the source and scope of the attack
  • Develop a breach remediation plan
  • Suggest or implement resolutions
  • Advise on best practices and implementations
  • Provide security training and workshops
  • Assist in the development of products or services from a security standpoint
  • Project management & design consultancy
  • Develop custom technologies for high security applications
  • Test hardware devices for security threats and reverse engineering vulnerabilities
  • Provide secure engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing

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